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Hunters Hint Sheet:

Hunters returning to the U.S. directly from Edmonton will clear U.S. Customs and Immigration at the Edmonton International Airport.



Hunter Registration Forms

Release Form

Hunter Agreement


Before leaving the U.S. stop at U.S. Customs

  • Ask to register your firearms
  • Present the firearms to register to the inspector
  • Fill out the form CF 4457 with serial #, make & model
  • U.S. Customs official will stamp and initial form
  • Keep the form in the gun case with the gun. If more than one gun is on the form make a copy for each case
  • Registration form is good for as long as you own the gun
  • Only need to register the gun once with U.S. Customs

Other types of proof of ownership

  • Canada firearms registration paperwork (909-RCMP 5589 form)
  • Bill of Sale
  • Insurance Paperwork

Without one of these forms of identification the processing of your firearms could be delayed at U.S. Customs.

Paperwork Required when entering U.S.

Each person carrying wildlife products must fill out the form USFWS 3-177.

  • Forms must be completed before entering U.S. Customs
  • Attach CITES and/or Export Permits if applicable
  • Have your Canadian hunting license in hand and ready for inspection

Following these three steps will help you to avoid any unnecessary delay during your Customs processing.

  • If you have a CITES permit it must be stamped by Canadian Customs on the Arrivals level before you enter U.S. Customs. If you are hunting in Alberta your hunting license acts as your export permit if you export your game within 30 days of kill
  • If you are hunting in another province a provincial export permit may be required
  • Naturally shed antlers do not need an export permit if for personal use
  • If you are transporting game for others who are not with you a provincial export permit is required (also CITES if applicable) contact the Canadian Fish and Wildlife office
  • You cannot transport migratory birds belonging to another hunter
  • Visitors to Canada can take back $400 US of merchandise duty free if in Canada more than 48 hours (all items made in the U.S. or Canada are duty free)
  • NO Cuban Cigars or Cuban products are allowed entry

Questions contact: U.S. Customs Service Edmonton 780-890-4514

Travel Notes

  • Arrive at airport at least 1 1/2 hours prior to flight time.
  • Limit gear to 1 duffel, 1 carry on, and 1 gun case.
  • Mark all bags with name, address, and phone.
  • After checking bags, lock them and put tape over the lock on the gun case. D0 NOT PUT AMMO. IN WITH GUN.

REMEMBER: Once you check your baggage,you will not see it until you arrive in Edmonton.

Be sure not to have anything on your body that would be against airport laws, like, knife on our belt. You will have to fill out a gun registration form at the airport.

On your flight you Will receive a customs card to fill out. Be sure you have a driver's license and another form of ID. Each person has to put his own items on a cart. After you get all of your bags, you will need to clear customs. Next you will rent a car.

Spring and Fall Hunts

Warm clothing Camera
camouflage clothing (orange is not required) Knife
Gloves 2 boxes ammunition (boxes of 20)
Rain suit Small water bottle
Rubber boots (warm) Extra duffel bag (bear hide)
Toque or warm hat Belt carrier for shells
Thermal underwear Insect repellent
Personal toiletries Baby wipes/disinfecting wipes
Sleeping bag, medium to heavy weight Pillow
Compass Day pack
Flashlight Small first aid kit
Lighter/ waterproof matches Binoculars, or range finder

Equipment Lodge Hunt

Warm clothing Camera
Camouflage clothing (orange is not required) Knife
Gloves 2 boxes ammunition (boxes of 20)
Rain suit Small water bottle
Warm hunting boots (warm) Extra duffel bag(bear hide)
Toque or warm hat Belt carrier for shells
Thermal underwear flashlight
Personal toiletries Day pack
Compass Binoculars, or range finder

A Friendly Welcome for Lisa and Troy Foster

We (North Alberta Outfitters INC.) will see that you receive the proper export (if applicable) permit for your trophy. Keep these permits and your hunting license in your carry-on bag to show customs before your fight. Get to the airport in plenty of time, and use your extra duffel bag for your hide. Remember not to cut yourself short on cash. You will need to pay for your rental car, 2 nights in a motel, tips in camp, food in Slave Lake, hunting license, and GST (5%) on the total price of the hunt.

  1. Familiarity with your gun and its capabilities are a must. Know your limits and stay within those parameters.
  2. Communicate with your guide! Let your guide know what is on your mind, and what you expect of them.
  3. Make sure you fully understand your agreement with your outfitter. Small details such as arrival and departure times, license information, not to mention major items such as available game, prices, and extra fees, are all items you should be familiar with.
  4. Don't make a competition out of the hunt. Everyone cannot shoot the biggest animal in camp, so pull the trigger on what you think you will be happy with.
  5. Maintain a positive attitude while in camp. Be patient, and understand that there are certain things that are out of your guide's control, like the weather!
  6. Use good field sense. Pay attention to the basics- walk quietly, talk softly, be alert, watch wind direction, etc. By the way, this is what it is about, the hunt!

Thank-you, and good hunting,
Lisa Foster

Each season, we take many hunters into the bush throughout our territory, and usually are quite successful. Not everyone who goes hunting will get game. Many factors are responsible, poor weather; hunters not doing their part when the opportunity arises, and shots missed! Sometimes just no luck on your side. That's why we hunt, for the challenge to succeed. Often you wonder what you are doing out in the bush, sore, cold, and tired. But once you take your trophy, you know why, because you are a special person, a person who is connected with nature.

Troy Foster, Outfitter.