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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of our most FAQ's that hunters ask us:

Q: What necessary paperwork is needed for a non-resident to bring firearms into Canada?

A: Visit Canadian Firearms Centre website; You can locate all information and forms, fill it out and bring it with you to the airport, however you are not supposed to sign it until you are in front of an inspection agent. You can also pre-register and pay online, regardless as to what you choose to do, please follow instructions carefully.

Q: Can I hunt with a handgun in Alberta?

A: They are not permitted for hunting in Alberta, or anywhere in Canada for that matter. Special permits are required to transport, fire, and store hand guns in Canada.

Q: What do I need to bring, as far as equipment goes?

A: See the equipment list page of this website, remember it is ultimately up to you and your hunting party as of what you feel is necessary for your needs, we only provide a basic guideline.

Q: How big is your hunting area?

A:Our area is approximate. 25,000 square miles. We hunt every thing from rivers and lakes to cut lines and farmlands. Depending on what species you are hunting will determine what terrain you will be hunting in.

Q: Will I be hunting on private property, government (crown) land, and will there be other hunters in the area?

A: Depending on what species you are hunting, will determine where you will be hunting. Our bear hunts are usually done on Crown land, as well as our Moose hunts. Our deer hunts are done on both private and my own land, as well as government land. We try to go where there isn't a lot of hunting pressure; new areas are being explored every year to try to eliminate these situations. We use a lot of ATV's, boats, and track machines to help with our hunts.

Q: What type of weather should I expect?

A: The weather in Alberta, as is really anywhere, can be unpredictable. We can only hope for the best, and make due with what Mother Nature dishes out to us. To get a more accurate weather update, you can check the Internet for a better idea as to what to expect during your hunting dates (look under Slave Lake, or northern Alberta). Your equipment list will however provide you with the necessary equipment you will need for every condition you should encounter on you trip.

Q:What type or caliber of rifle should I bring?

A: I would like to see hunters with a .30 caliber rifle of larger. Due to the size of most of the animals we offer, this type of caliber should be sufficient. However, this decision is all up to the hunter, bring whatever you are most comfortable with. Don’t go out and buy a new rifle when the one you have at home will do the job.
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